A developer or publisher of a video game using the No Sale Promise emblem promises that – at least until the expiry date – they won’t apply any discounts or price reductions to their game, and that it won’t appear in any bundles.

How to get the emblem

Use the form below to generate an image. The page will try to open a pop-up window when you submit. When the image opens please save it to your hard drive and upload it to wherever you need it (for instance the game’s Steam page, or main website). Go to our website and get https://vogueplay.com/ultra-hot-deluxe/. Hurry up to go and start winning.

What the No Sale Promise is not

The promise should not be considered legally binding. It’s up to potential buyers to judge whether the promise made by the developer can be trusted. We assume that everyone wants to be seen as a person who keeps their word, but people don’t always manage to do that. The best roulette and poker on our site online casinos. Go to and get big bonuses!

The No Sale Promise doesn’t specify whether or not access to the game will be granted in the form of a giveaway or as a competition prize during the promise period.

The No Sale Promise doesn’t specify whether or not the price-to-buy of the game will ever increase during the specified period. But the promise does specify that the price will never decrease, so any change during the period must be an increase. Stop waiting, join the game now with willkommensbonus ohne einzahlung continuous luck and many victories await you!


Why make that promise?

As a developer you might want to reassure your audience that they shouldn’t hold off buying your game now because there are no imminent discounts on the way. The best offer for gamblers svenska casino. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

By deliberately not participating in the ‘culture of sales’, at least for a while, you risk losing out on revenue and visibility that those sales could have generated. To offset that risk you could draw attention to your ‘no sale’ promise and present is as something that warrants attention in its own right.

By adopting a shared emblem, we hope that developers can make their promises in a more compelling and easily understood way.

I have a concern/complaint/criticism!

Tomasz wrote a post here with responses to the most commonly raised concerns about this project. Yours might be mentioned there too.


Get the emblem

Use the form below to generate an emblem image including an expiry date for your promise.

The form will generate an emblem that looks like this:

Your generated emblem will appear here

When the image has been generated, right-click it and save it to your hard drive.

  1. Download the generated image
  2. Publish the image to your game page. We recommend designating the image as a link to this webpage (//a>), or linking to the page in some accompanying text that appears nearby.
  3. When your page is published and looks the way you want it, you might consider using archive.is to store a snapshot of your published page. Once the snapshot has been created, add an extra text link to your page pointing to the archive.is url. The fact that you’ve taken the trouble to have an independent site record a snapshot of your promise might give readers more confidence that you mean to keep your word.

Who are you?

No Sale Promise is an idea by Tomasz Kaye and Richard Boeser. The thoughts expressed by Jason Rohrer on the subject of sales culture in video games resonated with us.

For our game Chalo Chalo we wanted a way to make a conspicuous commitment to a period of no sales, discounts or bundles. We thought that by publishing this solution we could help other developers who want to do that too.

Is this an ‘Anti-sales’ project?

No. If you want to use sales and discounts for your game, good for you! We don’t rule out participating in sales in the future either.


info at redshiftmedia period com